Wasting; The Nutrition Childrens problem

Opinions about emaciation, when the weight is not equal to the child's height with their body in addition to stunting, underweight or overweight, have you heard of Wasting? Wear is a term used to describe the nutritional problems of a child if the bodyweight is well below normal. Mass wasting indicates that the nutrition of … Continue reading Wasting; The Nutrition Childrens problem

5 Ways To Reduce Children Sugar Consumption

Excessive consumption of sugary foods and sugary drinks can cause tooth decay, obesity, and a number of other diseases in children. Unfortunately, not all parents understand how to reduce sugar consumption so that children do not overeat. How to reduce sugar consumption The sugar content in a variety of snacks consumed by children, bread, cakes, … Continue reading 5 Ways To Reduce Children Sugar Consumption

Bitter coffee

Whether to wake up body and soul in the morning before the move or just for friends to have fun on weekends, many consider a cup of black coffee a living memory. The complicated favorite drink of millions of people has many benefits that are widely known, ranging from increased energy and concentration to help … Continue reading Bitter coffee

Health Benefits of Black Soybean

You may be familiar with soybeans, but have never tried black soy? Black soy is reported to have many health benefits. Nutrient content not less white soy consumed more frequently. What are the benefits? Various benefits of black soybeans black bean is basically a darker variety of soybeans. Therefore, the nutritional content and health benefits … Continue reading Health Benefits of Black Soybean