Be careful, Over Time Taking a High Protein Diet Can Make You Dehydrated

Protein is one of the important nutrients needed by the body to build and build muscle, support the immune system, and help regulate the production of hormones and enzymes. Foods high in protein are also considered more filling. That is why many dietary principles encourage followers to consume more protein to reduce carbohydrates. But who […]

DASH Diet and Mayo Diet, Which Is Better?

Diet habits have become a trend in recent years. Changes in community eating patterns, especially in urban areas, make the body fatter and invite many diseases to emerge. As a result, we must balance food intake so that ideal body weight remains in various ways, one of which is diet. Many diet techniques are offered, […]

Is It Safe To Combine Two Serums At Once On The Face?

Serum is one of the care products that can maintain the beauty and health of facial skin. Each type of serum has different active ingredients with their respective uses. When you have various skin problems, the serum used can actually be more than one type. However, can we use a combination of two or more […]

Natural Ways to Free Up Stubborn Blackheads

Who isn’t bothered if you look in the mirror and see lots of blackheads? Of course, you are annoyed to see it. However, don’t try to pop pimples yourself. Your pores may get bigger. No need to bother, you can cheat on how to remove blackheads below. How to get rid of blackheads naturally Many […]

Choosing The Wrong Type Of Toner Can Make Skin Dry

Toner is a facial care product that contains active ingredients to remove dirt, oil, and residual make-up. In addition, this liquid serves to moisturize the face so it does not dry out after washing your face. However, in some people, after using toner, the skin gets drier. Why does facial skin feel dry after using […]