Apparently, Eating Fatty Foods Is Not Enough To Gain Weight

For those of you who intend to gain weight, one of the keys is to increase calorie intake. Well, fat is the biggest contributor to calories for the body. So is eating just enough fatty food to make you fat? Fatty foods don’t always gain weight Energy sources (calories) from the body come from carbohydrates, […]

Is It True That Eating Late At Night Makes You Fat?

Are you one of those people who are afraid of getting fat so they always avoid eating at night? Apparently not necessarily like that. Then what are the facts? The myth of eating late at night makes you fat Eating at night can make your body fat, is a statement that has long been discussed, […]

The Types of Fiber and Which is Best for Diet

Maybe you often hear the goodness and benefits of foods that contain high fiber. Yes, if you are currently on a body-thinning program, eating high-fiber foods should be on your food list. Even so, everyone basically needs fiber intake. But, do you know if there are various types of fiber? Here are the types of […]

Is It Safe To Go On A Diet For People With Ulcers?

You may have tried the diet many times, but it never worked because of an ulcer. Too late to eat a little, stomach acid symptoms immediately reappear and make the stomach feel sick. In fact, you might want to diet to lose excess weight. Actually, ulcer sufferers really can’t go on a diet? If possible, […]

Easy DASH Diet Recipes for Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease can actually be controlled by eating healthy foods. Implementing a healthy diet every day can also trigger you to eat healthy foods more regularly and become a habit in the end. Now, to help maximize the risk of heart disease and prevention of hypertension that can be present […]