The South Beach Diet

Many forms of diet can be taken to lose weight. One of the most popular types is the South Beach diet.

What is The South Beach diet?

The South Beach diet has actually been around since the mid-90s Diet by a cardiologist Arthur Agatston MD.

Similar to the Atkins diet, pattern of the South Beach Diet is to limit carbohydrate intake with protein and more fat intake.

However, this diet prohibition to consume healthy unsaturated fats.

The purpose of this diet is not only to limited weight loss but also to improve the balance of food intake consumed daily.

We can maintain a healthy diet, regardless of their ideal body weight to achieve.

What kind of pattern in the South Beach Diet

South Beach diet has three phases to obtain the desired results.

The first two phases are intended to reduce weight, while the final phase is to maintain weight.

The following explanation.

Stage 1

The initial stage is the strictest phase of the overall diet of South Beach.

Only allowed to eat foods rich in lean protein like skinless chicken, lean meat, fish, and meat.

In addition, you should eat fiber-rich vegetables.

Such as green leafy vegetables and foods that contain unsaturated fats such as nuts and olive oil.

On the other hand, foods and beverages that should be avoided at this stage are milk.

Such as cheese and ice cream, fruit, some vegetables like carrots and corn, and refined foods rich in starch.

Only for two weeks, it expected average weight loss to reach 3-6 kg.

Stage 2

This stage begins on day 15 and lasts until it reaches the desired weight.

A the same as in the first stage, you can start adding foods that are forbidden in the previous stage.

Like eating bread and whole wheat pasta, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables.

However, there are some foods you should consume limited products.

Such as refined flour including normal, potatoes, carrots, and bananas white bread.

If you make it through,you can lose about 0.5-1 kg of body weight per week.

Stage 3

The last stage is the end of the South Beach Diet keeping a diet that has been done.

You still have to eat according to a pattern that has been done in the previous stage.

It is that you can eat all kinds of foods in limited portions.

What to Know About the South Beach Diet

When you decide to lose weight, then you also have to prepare a plan for healthy living in general.

Not just rely on the diet, you still have to do other business, such as exercise and be more active.

South Beach Diet life will produce optimal results when combined with exercise.

The reason is, regular exercise will help you increase your metabolism.

Which of course can greatly affect the digestive system in the body.

Don’t be discouraged. It not the way to lose weight fast.

There are times when you just might be able to lose weight in less than half a kilo per week.

Although it seems slow, is the gradual weight loss is what will help keep the weight off permanently.

Note that the state of the body and metabolism of each person is different, there may be weight loss faster but also takes longer to reach their goals.

Therefore, focus on your goals for a healthy lifestyle and live by the rules.

Do not forget to check with your doctor or nutritionist to find the right diet for you.