5 Mistakes in Diabetes Care You Need to Avoid

Treatment of diabetes consists of a long process that requires time and effort.

Unfortunately, there are still some people with diabetes who do wrong when taking medication from a doctor.

In fact, these errors can lead to optimal diabetes treatment and the patient’s body condition did not improve.

Errors in the treatment of diabetes that should be avoided.

Diabetes is a condition that can affect anyone, especially those with unhealthy lifestyles.

This fact is completely inversely related to the expectations of the health conditions of the city of increasingly healthy risks and less developing diabetes.

Why do so many city people get diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels and a lack of insulin production or resistance in the body.

This disease is generally caused by unhealthy food intake, lack of exercise or physical activity, obesity, and heredity.

Inseparable from a bad lifestyle many people embrace the city.

Inseparable from a bad lifestyle many people living in the city.

What lifestyle factors that influence Diabetes?


Many cities of people with diabetes are caused by the consumption of foods that contain excess sugar and fat.

However, if it is too often every day, the danger will continue to accumulate.

In addition, the ease and sophistication of technology by only using a finger on the cellphone screen can make a person no need to bother to cook anymore.

Unfortunately, this convenience can backfire for public health in big cities.

Many people no longer pay attention to the nutritional content of ordered foods

Lack of exercise

The city workers generally spend 10 hours in office and travel.

Especially in the office continues to be largely spent sitting in front of a computer screen.

How was the activity on the weekend? not everyone wants city sports or physical activity.

Many more want to spend time at home watching television or just coffee with friends.

Not uncommon for diabetics is a city to be lazy and lack of physical activity every day.

Lazy to walk or move the body

Because living in the city now everything is easy, the level of laziness increases.

Want to go somewhere? You don’t have to walk to bus stops, taxi base operators, terminals, or to the next major residential.

Just by ordering a transportation service online, the driver is ready to take you from the front gate of the house.

Want to go shopping? now only write shopping lists, messages, and items purchased ready to be sent home.

Whereas, every move or walk your body does when shopping at markets or shopping centers is beneficial both for physical fitness.

This also supports the increasing number of city people getting diabetes.

How to prevent an increase in diabetes


Quoted from Harvard Medical School Journal, to prevent people from the city getting diabetes, initially, it must be done routinely.

If you start experiencing diabetes symptoms such as easy thirst, frequent urination, and foods that you eat are less healthy, schedule a medical check-up immediately.

Don’t forget to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Most people are not aware of having symptoms of diabetes.

In addition, with a check-up, the doctor will know the symptoms and how much risk is diabetes and will take preventative measures.

Maintain weight

To prevent diabetes, you are asked to maintain an ideal weight limit. There is a lot of body fat that can reduce insulin production.

This might be the reason why many people get diabetes city.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity with exercise can help maintain weight and reduce high blood glucose levels.

If you busy and don’t have time, try starting to walk to the bus stop, station, or motorcycle base.

You can also take the stairs instead of taking the elevator alone in the office.

In this way, at least physically staying healthy your daily moves to burn fat and calories.

Start eating healthy food

Reducing fat intake from fast food can prevent people from cities getting diabetes.

It is recommended to eat fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods every day.

Start limiting fast food and don’t be lazy to process food yourself at home. Articles, junk food usually contains too much salt, sugar, and fat triggers obesity.

Limit alcohol intake and stop smoking

The urban lifestyle is still attached to smoking and drinking alcohol. This can cause weight gain, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to rise.

Limit alcohol and stop smoking. 2-fold risk of smokers getting diabetes compared to nonsmokers.

If you have diabetes, there are things you need to pay attention to, so as not to further aggravate your diabetes.

The following are common mistakes that you should avoid during the treatment of diabetes:

Missing or no time to take medication

Diabetics often forget or do not have time to take the medicine on time. When checking with your doctor regularly, consult this with your doctor.

Ask whether you should start taking the drug dose that you forgot or may not continue to the next dose.

You may prevent these errors from repeating to set the alarm on your cell phone.

Additionally, you can use a particular activity as a reminder to take medication.

For example, by placing a tray of medicine at the breakfast table or in a toothbrush while brushing your teeth before going to bed at night.

Increasing the dose of the drug consumed

Drugs for diabetes is to control blood sugar levels.

However, that does not mean you can add an arbitrary dose to reduce the rise in blood sugar caused by eating foods high in sugar.

It is one of the mistakes that are often made of people with diabetes while undergoing diabetes treatment.

Adding a random drug dose will lead to a drastic reduction in blood sugar levels.

As a result, you may experience side effects from the treatment of diabetes. Always follow the dosage recommended by your doctor.

Taking the medication without a doctor’s approval

Diabetes medications can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other effects that make you feel uncomfortable.

However, various side effects are not a reason to stop taking the medication.

Stopping taking medication without consulting a doctor is also one of the mistakes that are often made when the treatment of diabetes.

In fact, this action can aggravate your health condition. If the side effects are quite disturbing, you should consult a doctor to get alternative treatments.

Not check blood sugar regularly

Apart from treatment, regular monitoring of blood sugar is also important for diabetics.

Because sugar levels in diabetic blood can rise and fall dramatically.

Changes in uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood can be life-threatening.

During regular visits, consult your doctor about the right way to control blood sugar. Also, ask how often you should check your blood sugar in a day.

If your blood sugar rises or falls dramatically, consult a doctor before taking medications. Remember, do not increase the dosage without consultation.

Taking the wrong medication

Treatment of diabetes is often accompanied by treatment for other diseases. Impact, diabetics are wrong to take drugs.

You can take medications for other diseases and even skipping doses of drugs against diabetes at times.

To avoid this, you can use the storage of special medications or pills.

The drug storage area consists of several boxes with different descriptions, dates, days and even hours so you will not go wrong when taking medication.

The mistakes made by people with diabetes, even if small, during treatment can cause side effects.

Not only that, but the effectiveness of drugs can also be abandoned, even life-threatening.

This is why you need to actively explore information about your treatment.

Diabetics generally consume a lot of drugs that are often confused when taking medicines.

So do not hesitate to ask questions about your doctor. If necessary, write down the things you need to do and avoid during treatment.