13 Unusual Beauty Care in a Worldwide

Many people are willing to try all sorts of ways to get perfection appearance. a place of beauty treatments now provides its customers with a massage and scrub services with a variety of things, from strawberry, chocolate, mud to liquid gold – each ingredient is claimed to have a distinct advantage for the body.

What beauty treatments strangest ever heard of? snail slime extract in face cream to moisturize the skin, facial treatment accompanied by pacing leeches on your face, or a fish foot spa that is claimed to cure psoriasis?

Here is a list of beauty care 13 of the most unusual of the whole world.

1. The face and hair masks with placenta

China has been using the placenta as an anti-aging for the skin and lustrous hair for more than 200 years. The placenta is also alleged to have become one of the beauty treatments in Ancient Egypt, and Marie Antoinette believed to be routinely used as a medicinal herb.

The placenta is an organ that is formed in the embryo during pregnancy serves as a pathway for transporting nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s body to the developing baby. The placenta is also important in the regeneration of liver cells and accelerated development. The placenta is believed to contain high protein and enzymes.

In the world of modern beauty, the placenta is used in a variety of ways. Placental face, for example, is made from the human placenta or other mammals – pigs, sheep, cow or goat – after the birth process until finely ground and then sterilized. placenta extract is also injected into the anti-aging cream mask like the one used by Jennifer Lopez and hair masks.

2. A bee stings Facial

This unique facial treatment has a rabid fan line. Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham, for example, claim that the benefits of bee sting venom can make them younger skin. Claimed as a natural Botox, the venom from a bee sting is believed to tighten the skin by providing the intake of collagen, reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

If you just have to use mashed avocado and honey for a face mask at home, dare to try to sting by a bee? This bee sting facial services will require you to spend about $249.You can try the bee itself faces at home.

3. A bull sperm cream bath

A salon in London, Hari’s Salon, a service offering cream bath using bull semen imported organic specialty of Scotland. These sperm are mixed with the roots of Iranian origin Katera then applied to the hair for customers.

Bull sperm claimed Viagra for hair that produce beautiful lustrous hair and strong roots.

4. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is different from cryogenic. Cryogenic freezing is a method in which a very low temperature (-150º C) in the medical world can be used to preserve vaccines and to preserve the human body in condition for future re-freezing intake (known as cryogenic freezing).

Cryotherapy, on the other hand, it still uses the same concept of extreme sub-zero temperatures, but it involves a person enters -110º C cold room filled with liquid nitrogen dry, or immersing the body in the barrel very cool.

Cryotherapy is commonly used by athletes to help speed recovery from injuries, but now its use has been extended to the world of beauty. Cryotherapy is claimed to stimulate the body’s metabolism to encourage more effective fat burning.

5. A Vampire Facial

The vampire facial, popularized by Kim Kardashian, involves drawing blood from your arm to be apportioned between the concentrated red blood, white blood, and plasma. This plasma is injected into your face.

In fact, this technique, known in the medical world as Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP), has long been used as a method of healing of wounds and burns the skin, and help athletes recover from injuries.

A vampire facial believed to be effective in increasing the production of collagen and stimulate the appearance of youthful skin. Some of these practitioners face vampires sometimes combine with dermal fillers to further tighten the problem areas, such as eye bags.

6. Snake massage

A zoo in the Philippines and a massage center in Israel offers its services to relax can make the hair stand up.

Do not expect you will be greeted by a masseuse reliable you usually see at places other body treatments, both of these places use snakes to massage customers who complained of pain all over their bodies.

Various kinds of snakes live, large and small, ranging from Burma snakes, corn snakes, king snakes are certainly not poisonous (and have eaten before) will be sent to a crawl on the client’s body to provide a calming sensation, also heal strained muscles and veins. , Some snake massage clients even claimed that the snake massage is effective in curing their migraines.

7. Horses reiki massage

If the snake massage sounds scary, what if massaged by a horse?

In the art of Japanese reiki, healing energy is transferred from one person to another to improve the physical and emotional imbalances.

According to the claim, these four-legged bait does not have the emotional baggage so that it can act as a reiki practitioner to detect which part of the body you are in trouble and replace them with electromagnetic energy.

Free Rein In Australia, you will be asked to lie face down on the massage bed is placed in the horse field. Then, one or two horses will treat you with a snort, whinny, or even massage your body parts that have problems with their snouts.

8. Beer spa

beer spa getting a place in the hearts of the activists of extreme beauty. The beer spa is derived from Prague and later followed by many hotels throughout Europe offers a jacuzzi filled with a liter of beer as a therapeutic treatment.

Seasoning mix beer made from malt made on the premises, brewer’s yeast, hops, and minerals, and then heated to more than 30ºC. Beer spa is believed to help release toxins from the body, making the skin look radiant and refreshing.

In addition to a beer spa in Europe, if you do not want to go too far to find immersion in your favorite liquor, went to Japan. In Japan, there is a spa that offers clients to soak in a giant bathtub filled with hundreds of liters of red wine. spa red wine is believed to help repair the damage from the sun’s UV radiation and skin tightening.

9. Injection Infusion

This beauty treatment using an infusion is claimed to increase the body’s energy, and create a more toned and youthful appearance. At least, that’s how Simon Cowell, former American Idol judge, feel. This infusion injection for beauty containing rows of vitamins, such as magnesium, B12, and vitamin C, which can provide energy for the body over the next few days after a single injection.

10. Ceramic crystal therapy

Unlike Botox, the results of which can wear out after some time, the ceramic crystal therapy facial treatments are labeled as permanent. During this therapy session, your face will be injected with liquid ceramic crystals to get the younger facial appearance, forever.

However, many experts doubt the claim. Basically, human faces and expressions are constantly changing, so that from time to time, your face will lose volume and crystalline ceramic particles will be visible. Plus, there will always be the risk of a systemic reaction of the body against foreign substances that enter it.

11. A Straw Sauna

Hay sauna has become one of the mainstream anti-body treatment in northern Italy since 1903.

For a taste of this therapy, you will be wrapped by a warm, wet haystack, believed to be useful to draw toxins out of the body, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Jeramin sauna has been supported by scientific documentation about the health benefits of bathing straw.

Used straw is harvested directly from the pasture in the mountains of Alpe, Siusi in the morning when the ethereal oil still not evaporates. The straw is then mixed with mountain arnica, gentian, thimbles, and ladies mantle.

12. Bird feces Face

Originating from Japan, this facial treatment is also known as the Bird Poop Facial in New York and London Geisha Facial.

It involves face-first bird droppings that had dried under UV light and then mixed with rice bran and water before it was implemented on the client’s face as a face mask.

bird droppings believed to be high in nitrogen, an amino acid that is known to cure skin problems and brighten the face.

13. Fire facial

If cryotherapy is too cold, maybe a facial with flame is enough to warm your body.

fire face, also known as Huo Liao in his home country, China, is done by igniting a towel that has been soaked in a special herb and alcohol, and then attached to the face of clients. the hot face is claimed to stop the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dare to try one of the beauty treatments of the above?