7 Wrong Ways to Form a Stomach Sixpack

Having a sixpack stomach is the dream of many people. Not only men, but women also have the same desire to build up the muscles of the body, especially in the abdomen. Some common ways to have a sixpack stomach is training at fitness centers, weight lifting, cardio exercise, and diet. However, all these methods the right way to do?

The various wrong way to forming a six-pack

1. Just focus on crunches and sit-ups

The most common myth is that crunches and sit-ups are the best way to generate a sixpack stomach. In fact, many people have a routine of 100 sit-ups every day. This is not true, because, in fact, sit-ups and crunches burn very few calories per minute. Sit-ups and crunches will only work to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but it does not help much if we still have a lot of layers of fat covering the abdominal muscles.

2. Too much cardio

Another way is wrong when trying to make a six-pack is to think that you need to perform cardio exercises for hours to get the abdominal muscles. In fact, the actual cardio exercise burn calories, and interval training can speed up your metabolic rate, so you will experience a rapid rate of fat loss throughout the daily workout.
However, cardio exercise isn’t the only way to get eliminate belly fat. intense weight lifting and a good diet plan will be more successful than a cardio workout.

3. Stop exercising after a sixpack stomach

If you already have a sixpack stomach you will surely be satisfied with the results of your hard work. But do not think that any of the six-packs will remain forever. In fact, sixpack will be lost if you do not take care of it. Maintaining a sixpack is not easy, even if you do not have to eat at a low level of calories, but it does not mean you can go back to your original diet.

4. Just focus on training the abdominal muscles

The most myths about sixpack stomach are that we should focus on abdominal exercises and use the fitness equipment to build abdominal muscles. Everyone is looking for the easy way, when in fact, the only way to build abdominal muscles is to reduce the percentage of body fat (10% in men and 14% in women). Although you often have abdominal exercises, abdominal muscles you will be invisible if there is still a layer of fat on it, as these exercises can not reduce fat in the abdomen.

Exercises for abdominal muscles is required, but you should also pay attention to other body parts. This will be very useful because you may not realize that your stomach muscles as a secondary muscle will be easier to do than just focusing on abdominal exercises.

5. Obsessed in the form of belly boxes

Genetic factors will determine the shape of a sixpack stomach. In some people, the abdominal muscles will be lined up evenly, but some others do not. For some people, the stomach will be an asymmetrical box, but some will not. So, we can not determine for ourselves shape the abdominal muscles in our body.

6. Just focus on one exercise

Actually, there are many different exercises and effective way to build abdominal muscles. One of them may be better than others, but none of them can be considered the best. When you do only one exercise, your abdominal muscles will get used and resistant to stimuli and movement, so you will have to switch from one exercise to another to give the muscle confusion.

7. Ignore the upper and lower abdominal muscles

Muscles that form the six-pack is a muscle called the rectus abdominis. Technically, you can not ignore the muscles above and below. However, what you can do is to highlight certain sections by choosing the right exercises.