5 Night Skin Care to Improve Skin Texture

To get a bright and healthy face in the morning, night skincare is the key. Don’t neglect your skin’s cleanliness before going to sleep. Indeed, night is a very important time for skincare.

Consider what type of skincare at home before going to bed.

1. Clean the skin

After a day of activities, nightly skincare is a skin cleanser. From the face to the toe, you can’t miss it.

When you sleep, the skin will naturally repair and restore itself. Cleaning the face before going to sleep is the most basic way to help the skin to maximize this process.

Not only that but cleaning the skin will also help prevent skin problems, for example, pimples and itching.

Use body soap that suits your skin type. Likewise, when choosing soap for the face.

If you use make-up, you should first clean it with micelle water, cleansing balm, or cleansing oil that is suitable for your face. This is necessary to ensure that all makeup is lost from the face.

2. Using toner for the face

Toner also should not be missed in your night skincare series. Toners are very important to help restore your skin’s natural pH level. With a natural pH, the skin will be more resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms.

The use of toner also simultaneously cleanses if there is only dirt or remaining soap still attached to the skin.

Choose toner according to your skin type. Quite easy to use, pour a little toner on the cotton, then gently rub on the face and neck.

3. Use a night cream for the face

A night cream can help your skin naturally repair itself while sleeping. At that time night is the metabolic activity of skin cells peaking. So, using a night cream with the right active ingredients can help the skin’s natural repair process.

The key, use a night cream with the right active ingredients. Therefore, some night creams with moisturizing price effects just don’t provide many other additional effects to accelerate skin regeneration.

So, make no mistake, when using a night cream. You can choose a cream that contains Centella Asiatica. This cream can repair damage caused by skin cells and accelerate skin cell regeneration quickly.

Creams that contain Centella Asiatica can also help moisturize your skin at night.

4. Use a body lotion

At night, the skin tends to dry more easily. So, don’t forget to use a lotion that can moisturize the skin. Choose a lotion that can moisturize your skin well so that in the morning the skin does not dry out.

Not only skin that needs moisturizer. Hands and feet are also needed. Every night after cleansing the skin with soap, dry it, then apply lotion on hand.

Use a lot thicker lotion at night. This will keep your hands and feet moist throughout the day. The next morning you will be able to feel very soft skin.

5. Use serum for the face

Serum is a slightly viscous liquid with active ingredients in it to nourish the skin. Serums contain the most powerful anti-aging skincare products, especially if they contain antioxidant components, peptides, and lightening agents such as kojic acid.

Serum is made of very small molecules, so the skin can absorb serum quickly. Therefore, once applied to the skin, the serum must be averaged before it actually absorbs.

You only need 1-2 drops of serum to get the benefits before going to sleep.