Try These Tricks To Avoid Irritated After Shaving

Ingrown hair that grows in our armpits is really annoying. The desire to wear sleeveless clothing is hampered because of fear of being seen as bad by those who see it. However, removing hair on the armpits turned out to have its own steps to avoid irritation. How do we shave armpit hair so that the skin is not irritated.

How to shave armpit hair that is good and right

Actually, the most effective method for removing hair on your armpits is waxing. However, this method sometimes requires more time and money than shaving yourself.

Therefore, let’s look at how to shave armpit hair properly to avoid skin irritation.

1. Choose the right razor

First of all, you certainly need a shaver to shave, don’t you? However, don’t just choose. The choice of razor that matches your skin and armpits can have a more positive effect. Buy a razor-sharp, but not for disposables.

Usually, disposable razors only have 1-2 layers of blade and don’t provide gel. This can make you press your armpits until the skin can peel. Of course, if you want to buy an electric shaver too, that is permissible.

2. Schedule shaving time

If you shave in a hurry, it can cause skin irritation. In addition, dermatologists recommend armpits at night.

At night, your skin will experience a wound healing process that might be caused by your razor. If you force yourself to shave before traveling, chances are your armpits will itch and make you uncomfortable because they are mixed with sweat.

Try shaving before completing your bathing activity. This method can make your skin well hydrated.

3. Exfoliate first

Before shaving the armpit hair with a razor, try to exfoliate the skin first. This is done to remove bacteria, dust, and sweat in the armpits. You can use natural coir or rub to rub your armpits. Remember, do not be too tight or your skin can be swollen and irritated.

4. Using shaving cream or shaving gel

You surely know very well that underarm skin is very sensitive. Therefore, moisturizers such as shaving creams and shaving gels are very important.

This is done so that the underarm skin is not dry and moist when shaved. Both moisturizers also reduce the pressure that you must apply when shaving your hair, so skin irritation can be prevented.

5. Point the razor in the right direction

Hair in our armpits grows in various directions, not like leg hair. Well, therefore the way to shave the armpit hair is different from the application on the feet.

First, raise your hand. Then, shave your armpits in all directions. Starting from the top, bottom, right, and left.
This is done to avoid sensitive skin that has been shaved and cause irritation to the skin.

6. Wearing an after-shave for men

After the armpit shaving process is complete, rinse with clean water. Try cleaning your armpits with a towel. For men, they usually use after shaving.

This is intended to reduce the possibility of irritation and small red bumps on the armpits. Aftershave is usually used after shaving, especially for men.

7. Use deodorant

How to make natural deodorants that can be tried at home. The final touch after shaving is to use deodorant. In addition to moisturizing the skin, deodorant can also eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent wet armpits. Also, try wearing loose clothing after shaving your armpits to prevent irritation and skin redness.

Now, after knowing how to shave armpit hair that is good and right, immediately practice so that you can be free from the hair peeking out from your sleeves.