What Are The Benefits Of Toner For Acne

Toner is one skincare that you should not miss. Toner helps to remove makeup and dirt that may not completely disappear after washing your face. So, is it true that the use of toner on a regular basis can also get rid of zits?

The main function of toner for facial skin

In fact, toner has a variety of functions that are important for maintaining facial skin beauty. It is:

Balancing skin pH

Pollution, oil production, makeup, and certain cleansing soaps can change the natural pH of facial skin. An uneven amount of facial pH can make the skin tend to dry out, which will be followed by excessive oil production. In fact, unbalanced skin pH tends to trigger skin damage and infection.

Toner is a product that has the function of balancing skin pH near normal. Reporting from the Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), normal skin pH is 5.5.

This benefit can later be felt if you routinely use a toner after washing your face before using other care products.


Not many people know that toner helps to eliminate environmental toxins such as smoke, mist and other chemical residues in the skin.

By using toner regularly, facial skin will look brighter and healthier. In addition, acne scars and wrinkles will slowly fade even though it takes a long time.

Skin hydration

Toners help moisturize facial skin to stay elastic, smooth and moisturized. Keeping the skin well hydrated helps reduce the signs of premature aging on the face.

When the skin is properly hydrated, other products that will be used such as serum or moisturizer will be more easily absorbed by the skin. That way, the function of other skincare products can be obtained to the maximum if previously using toner.

Give nutrition to the skin

Today’s toner products not only aim to cleanse and moisturize the skin. However, there are many products that are equipped with certain vitamins and nutrients for the skin. Using products according to your facial needs helps to keep skin healthy and nutritious.

Is it true that toner can get rid of pimples?

Dr. Alicia Zalka, a dermatologist in the United States, states that toner helps remove excess oil, soap residue, and dead skin cells that still stick after washing your face.

These three factors are the main triggers of acne on facial skin. When you reduce these three things through the use of toner, the risk of future acne can also be prevented.

However, of course, toner is not used to get rid of zits. Especially replace the acne medication that you are currently using. The use of toner on a regular basis only reduces the risk of new acne appearing in the future, not eliminating existing ones.

Choose the right toner

According to Dr. Zalka, toner is not a mandatory skincare product. However, there is no harm in including this product in your skincare steps. Especially if you have oily or large porous skin that tends to get pimples.

If you want to use toner to eliminate or prevent acne, choose the right product. Not all toners are suitable for your skin. Use products that contain specific active ingredients to get rid of zits.

If your face tends to get pimples, use a toner containing beta acid and alpha hydroxy (salicylate and glycolic). This two toner helps keep pores clean by releasing dead skin cells.

Avoid toners that contain alcohol. Alcohol can actually make the skin drier so it is very risky to grow acne. As a result, alcohol toner is not an effective acne problem