Essence vs Serum; Which is Better for Facial Care?

For those of you who are passionate about caring for the skin, of course, familiar with serum and essence. Many people require that both are included in the daily facial care regime. However, what are the difference, different essence, and facial serum? Let’s look at the explanation from the following experts.

Essence and serum functions are different. Serum and essence do have almost the same function, which is to smooth and moisturize and even out skin tone. Both of these skincare products are water-based, but their essence is more fluid and lighter than serum. Although similar, both have slightly different functions.

According to Rachel Nazarian, MD, a dermatologist in New York and representatives of the American Academy of Dermatology, the essence serves to help further absorb skincare products so they work more efficiently. Essence also helps soothe irritations, moisturize the skin, and prevent aging.

Meanwhile according to dr. Carlos A. Charles, founder, and director of Derma at Colore in Chelsea, the serum is a kind of mild moisturizer that can soak deep into the skin. Each serum is made specifically to contain certain active ingredients that work to correct skin problems.

Facial serum serves to target more specific skin problems. For example serum with hyaluronic acid content works to overcome dry skin. While vitamin C serum disguises dark spots and blemishes on the face and even skin color.

However, some types of essence also contain high doses of glycerin, AHA acid, and even caviar to treat the health of your skin.

The order of how to use essence and serum

Madley King, MD, a dermatologist at Skinney Med Spa explains that essence and serum must be used sequentially. Most skincare manufacturers recommend that you use the essence first because of its lighter texture.

If sorted from the first step, you can use essence after washing your face and using toner. After the essence soaks into the skin, then use a serum.

Essence can be used day and night. While serum can be used in the morning before makeup or at night before bed.

It is recommended not to use most of the serum on the face. This is because serum has high concentrations and active substances. So, use just enough.

So which is better? Serum or essence?
Serum and essence have the same function for your skin. Both also function to moisturize the skin. But it is not recommended to be used together.

It is recommended to prioritize which you want to use based on the type of skin and what specific problems you want to solve.

If you want to deal with dry skin, use a serum that has a thicker and richer texture so it works better to moisturize the skin. But if you feel uncomfortable using serum because the effect is too hard on the skin, you can choose a lighter essence to moisturize the face.

So, adjust your choice between serum and essence by looking at personal needs.