For Women Aged 40, This Is How To Care For Hair Naturally

Haircare for women is important because hair is a crown for women. Having healthy and beautiful hair surely dreams of all women. To have the hair of your dreams, proper care is needed. Haircare is not only done at a young age, but for all ages. If you are in your 40s, you may already […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair Detox and Hair Beauty

Did you know that the appearance of hair can reflect the health condition of your body? For example, thin, dull, and easy-to-fall hair indicates that you might be iron deficient. Plus, hair is basically easily damaged due to daily exposure to chemicals and environmental pollution. Therefore, hair care is as important as the care of […]

The Benefits of Using Conditioners After Shampooing

Who does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair? Both men and women certainly want this. Washing hair regularly is one of the keys. Not only that, but many manufacturers of hair care products also recommend that you use conditioner after using shampoo. But, is it true that conditioner really affects the health of […]

Use Coconut Oil for Beautiful Hair

Coconut oil is an oil that is widely used for health, beauty, and other purposes. Starting from cooking, moisturizing the skin, to remove makeup, in addition, coconut oil is also often used to help improve hair health. The following will be reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of using coconut oil for hair, as well as […]

Benefits of Rice Water for Hair Health and Beauty

Rice washing water is believed to have many benefits for beauty. One of the benefits of rice water that is pretty much discussed is for healthy hair. Is it true that rice water can be used to treat hair to be more healthy and beautiful? How to use? Rice water content Rice grains contain 75 […]