How To Wash Face The Right Way

Are you sure your face is clean? see the steps to wash your face right so the skin is free from dust and dirt.

Have you tried many facial cleansing products, and has your skin problem even increased? It could be because you didn’t wash your face properly. Facial cleansing products that are used actually do not make a guarantee to get skin that is clean and free of impurities. Then, how to wash your face right? Check out the following tips

The right way to wash your face

Are you sure you’ve cleaned your face properly all this time? Here’s how to wash your face that is important that you know.

Wash your hands

Many people forget this. Though this is very important to do before washing your face. Dirty hands actually cause dirt on the skin to increase and accumulate.

This has the potential to cause acne. So before washing your face, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly first.

Clean the makeup first

Do not immediately wash your face with soap after a day of wearing makeup. Clean your makeup with special cleansers like makeup removers until they are completely clean. After that, wash your face with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

Try a facial cleanser in the form of gel or cream

Soap can cause dry skin and does not remove all the dirt on the face. Soap that is too hard for the skin will lift the skin’s natural oil layer.

Instead, use a facial cleanser in the form of cream or gel. This type of facial cleanser can help exfoliate the skin, clean the rest of makeup, and clean clogged pores.

Gently massage the face

Don’t rush when washing your face. This makes the dirt and oil not disappear completely.

If you want to get facial skin that is clean and free of dirt, take the least time to give a gentle massage to the face. Massage the area around the nose and forehead which tends to be oily. After that, rinse thoroughly with water.

Use a soft towel to dry the face

A soft towel can help exfoliate dead skin on the skin, clean makeup, and dirt on the face.

Dip a washcloth in warm water, wring it out, then apply it to the face, neck, and chest to open the pores. Clean slowly. Do it every day for the desired results

Do not rub the towel to the face when drying it. This can reduce the elasticity of facial skin. Let the face dry by itself or pat it with a clean towel.

Use toner

After washing your face, use toner according to skin type. Toner can clean makeup, dust, and oil which generally cannot be cleaned optimally by facial soap.

Not only that, but toner can also remove the remaining soap, shrink facial pores, remove excess oil, and smooth your skin.