Various Problems That May Happen If You Tie Your Hair Too Often

Problems That May Happen If You Tie Your Hair Too Often. For people who have long hair, tying hair is the easiest and fastest hair styling solution. But be aware, even though it’s compact, too often binding your hair turns out to be bad for your hair’s health. Especially if you tie your hair while still wet or while sleeping.

Too often binding hair makes hair fall out easily so it can mold

Bonding hair that is too tight can make the scalp feel sore. You might even feel a headache. This pain is affected by the nerve endings that are attached to each of your hair follicles.

As with other body parts, the hair also needs rest. The pressure that the hair roots receive from time to time due to your binding too often will lead to traction alopecia, a chronic hair loss condition caused by stress and tension. Normally, you will lose about one hundred hairs a day. But stress can cause more hair loss than they should. In the long run, this can cause thinning of the hair – even baldness.

In addition, the habit of binding hair in a wet state can not only cause hair to fall out easily. Binding hair with wet conditions keeps the pores of the scalp and strands weakened because of the continuous moist hair. As a result, this will make the hair become brittle and vulnerable to damage.

This habit is also vulnerable to make hair prone to dandruff and scalp itchiness, due to lack of air circulation to the hair. Not only that, but this moisture can also trigger the appearance of fungi and bacteria on the scalp. The condition of a moist scalp will last a day if you tie your hair continuously while on the move. This will be the perfect place for bacteria to multiply, which will increase the risk of scalp irritation. In fact, this condition is also very likely to cause fungal infections of the scalp.

Tips for treating hair health if the hair is often tied

Try to do a more varied hairdo model. But remember, don’t tie your hair too strong. Also, make sure to let your hair loose at night. Don’t tie your hair during sleep to let your head crown breathe for a moment.

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