A Surprising Recent Study Of How Leukemia Can Be Cured Using HIV Viruses

If leukemia produces excessive white blood cells, and the HIV virus infects white blood cells. Could the person affected by leukemia recover with the HIV virus?

The answer is possible and already happened!

Introduce, Dr. Carl June, Dr. Carl is an immunotherapy expert who has studied immunotherapy for cancer for decades. In 1975 Dr. Carl is trusted to research the HIV virus. In the 1990s he first spawned the idea of using HIV to cure cancer patients.

His research continued seriously. CAR T cell therapy was born.

Initially, CAR T cells were tested on lab mice, the results were promising. Apparently, when tested on humans, the results were many times better.

What is CAR T Cell Therapy?

CAR T Cell is Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy. Chimeric is taken from the Greek “chimera” which is two fused animals.

Why is this therapy called Chimaera?

Because of Dr. Carl fuses T cells and HIV.
Here’s the basic

There are so many types of immune cells incorporated in human leukocytes / white blood cells. One of them is T cell and cell B. (Don’t ask why those two letters are chosen!)

T cells are aggressive immune cells, they attack infected cells. These T cells are cells that are attacked by HIV. HIV breaks down DNA from T cells causing T cells to lose their weight and not function.

Cell B is a guardian immune cell, like a shield. In ALL patients (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), one of the most types of leukemia in children, B cells that are immature and dysfunction replicate uncontrollably. So even though it’s a lot but it’s all error.

Dr. Carl wants to create this ALL cancer therapy by using the advantages of aggressive T cells but he wants these specific T cells to attack only B cells that are cancerous. He wanted the human body’s immune cells to be used to heal themselves to reduce torture chemotherapy.

He uses the expertise of HIV (which has been made non-pathogenic) to overhaul T cell DNA so that this modified T cell becomes a specific killer
accelerating the replication of T cells in order to compete with the speed of replication of cancer cells, becoming a fast killer.

The result is T killing machine cells! It’s called CAR T cell. Because it uses HIV that lasts a lifetime, CAR T cell lasts a lifetime also in patients, preventing patients from relapsing their cancer again!

This therapy has been FDA approved and is starting to be used as a therapeutic choice in ALL.

How it works?

The patient’s blood is taken, the T cell is extracted, modified, then transfused back to the patient, then we wait for him to work.

Side effects?

The visible side effects are short-term side effects, namely, the patient can have a very high fever until he loses consciousness. This is because every time a T cell works it raises an inflammatory reaction in the body in the form of an increase in temperature. But this can be overcome with anti-inflammatory drugs.

While the long-term side effects are not yet known because this therapy is still new.
If 80% of patients respond positively to this therapy, why not?

One proof of the success of this therapy is Emily Whitehead. As reported by daily mail. 7 year old girl is advised by a doctor to take part in a research program by enrolling Emily into clinical trials that will use a deactivated HIV virus to carry the cancer-fighting gene into her T cells (cells fighting disease).

The hope is that this will reprogram the immune system to recognize cancer cells and start killing them.

It is highly recommended to look at the condition of Emily who will experience organ damage within 2 x 24 hours.

Emily is one of the few cases that managed to recover through this treatment.

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