Delicious Companion For Bitter Coffee

Not Hooked Black Bitter Coffee? Here are 8 ways to make coffee Are you a connoisseur of black coffee but bored with the taste of coffee? Or you do not like coffee bitter but necessary intake of caffeine to keep your mind fresh?

Meanwhile, add the sugar to the coffee may not be too effective to alleviate the bitter taste.

Relax, you really can, your own coffee mix with natural ingredients in the kitchen. black coffee you become more tasty and rich in flavor.

1. Peanut milk

Now there are many options soymilk that you can add to a cup of coffee. For example soy milk and almond milk.

Bean milk flavor is more suitable when combined with coffee.

This is because the peanut milk will not beat the smell of coffee as cow’s milk.

In addition, you do not have to worry about calories and saturated fat levels.

Bean milk contains much lower calories and fat than regular cow’s milk.

2. Sweet condensed milk

Coffee with condensed milk is a typical drink from Vietnam that you can make yourself at home.

If you have sweetened condensed milk in the fridge, mix enough in the warm coffee.

You also do not need to use more sugar to mix the coffee that tastes mellow, sweet, and delicious.

3. Cocoa powder

If you do not like bitter or sour black coffee, add cocoa powder to your coffee can be the perfect solution.

Chocolate will make coffee taste more easily accepted by the tongue, especially for those of you who are not used to drinking black coffee.

This herb is also commonly found in cafes or coffee shops with coffee mocha terms.

4. Butter

Mix coffee with butter? No need to worry! Trends mixing coffee with butter lately mushroomed because of distinctive flavor.

However, choosing a 100% butter of cattle. Do not use margarine or margarine mixed with butter.

Mix one teaspoon of unsalted butter in a warm cup of coffee and stir until butter melts evenly. Results? Your coffee is soft, not too slow or acid.

5. Ginger

one of the ingredients is really versatile. You can mix the ginger in a variety of drinks, ranging from tea, herbs, coffee.

Grated ginger to taste and mix it in your coffee. You can also cut ginger into small pieces and dip them in coffee to get a strong aroma of ginger.

In addition to making the coffee taste sharp, ginger is also good to prevent digestive problems because of the caffeine.

6. Orange or lemon

Try to add orange to black coffee daily. You can use mandarin, lemon or lime juice to improve the taste of natural coffee.

If you just want to get the aroma, grated orange peel and mix it in a coffee taste. Your coffee will be more fresh and sweet.

7. Cinnamon

Noting spices in your kitchen. If there is cinnamon, you can mix it in a cup of warm coffee.

This herb can help disguise the bitter taste of coffee while making it sweeter and more fragrant.

8. Mint leaves

After staying up all night but was chased by the deadline? A cup of hot coffee with extra mint leaves can help you stay fresh and alert during work.

You can direct some mint leaves dipped into coffee or grind the leaves first before mixing in black coffee.