Tips For Taking Care Of Colored Hair

From bright red to the tendency of the hair rainbow Shadow, whatever the reason, changing hair color is really exciting. In addition, the law and highlighting the painting process can give your hair texture and shine.

But when the hair has gone through many dyeing processes, the outer protective layer of the hair separates from the rod, resulting strands of hair which are branched, dry and damaged.

Do not be afraid, we summarize below a number of simple tips to care for your favorite colored hair.

Avoid shampooing

Hair dye can make the hair more porous, causing hair strands to absorb and release moisture more easily. Consequently, the color molecules can also evaporate easily whenever your hair is wet.

In fact, recent research shows that up to 80 percent of the discoloration is caused by direct contact with water without rubbing the hair or shampooing, says Jeni Thomas, Ph.D., principal investigator for Pantene.

To avoid rinsing your hair color, it is easy: do not wash your hair too often. The main problem that is often encountered with colored hair is dry texture like broom fibers. By not washing your hair, you will help your hair to recover with the help of the release of hair oil and provide natural moisture to your hair

Tip: Wash only all 2-3 times a week, less is better. Other days you can use a special dry shampoo for colored hair. If you really want shampoo, cold water, and use a special shampoo without sulfate for colored hair. Specially colored hair shampoo specially formulated to protect hair color pigments.

Do not forget the conditioner

Every time after shampooing, do not forget to apply conditioner to block the necessary moisture to your hair. Color conditioner hair will help your hair color more brightness and evenly distributed. Or, use a colored deposit conditioner. The formulation of a conditioner of special features to add color pigments to produce a more dramatic look of colored hair.

If you are able to quickly your shampoo, use a conditioner instead of shampoo. Simply apply the conditioner according to the rules of use, wait for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

The best way to apply conditioner is to apply as soon as you start swimming, and rinse it in the last minute of your shower routine. Make sure you apply conditioner to the ends of the hair shaft.

Protect hair from heat

Whenever possible, avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer. Not only hair color evaporate faster heat, but it also disintegrates hair protein; the main cause of lion hair “, which is irregularly rough and soft.

The normal days, the air just your hair and dry with a clean shirt. If you need to dry your hair to dry faster, do not forget to apply a leave-in conditioner, hair serum containing a UV filter and spray a heat protection spray before starting to style your hair.

Deep state with essential oils; Olive, coconut or almond oil for deep state sessions once a week.

Heat ¼ cup of the essential oil of your choice into the pan to reheat warm temperatures. Apply hot oil directly on the skin of the head and flattening every strand of hair. Wrap your head or a plastic shower cap and let stand for 20 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Mask protein

Use hair masks from natural ingredients that are high in protein such as bananas or avocados mashed mixed with honey or masks mixed with eggs and yogurt and bananas. reports, bananas and avocados contain healing properties that can reduce the damage suffered by the colored hair. The softer and more mature fruit, the better.

Apply the mask on all hair and scalp. Let stand for about an hour and rinse thoroughly.

Before changing the new hair color, clean hair with clarifying shampoo

If it is time to change the color of hair, get your hair with a hair mask and deep conditioning routine to restore hair strength a few weeks before your appointment salon. Then, with shampoo clarifying shampoo two days before changing hair color. This shampoo will help cleanse the head chemical residues that accumulate in the scalp and help protect the hair roots against serious damage caused by hair dye.

Colored hair treatment will produce perfect results. Healthy hair not only feels soft and shiny but also can absorb color pigments better than damaged hair, so that the color of your new hair will be brighter.