How often should we change Combs?

For another, a comb is probably the most lasting beauty weapon you have. So durable, maybe you can use your favorite combo for years.

In fact, Francesca Fusco, New York dermatologist, you should be very careful when cleaning your comb or brush at least once a month. In addition, regularly wash and rinse your comb once a week. According to Fusco, less shampoo you use a shampoo and choose to use other hair care products, such as dry shampoo, gel, mousse, and hairspray to style your hair every day, then you should be more diligent in cleaning your comb.

How to clean a comb?

The best way to clean a comb to remove any particles that are involved in your favorite comb with small comb teeth fine tooth and flat. Then rinse the comb under running water and rub the comb with your hands to pour the remains of the residue which has not been raised before. To dry the comb, use a hairdryer or a drying comb.

Cleaning comb every week will keep your distance comb collecting piles of hair loss and foreign residues, and operate optimally comb, smooth hair matted and smooth the hair cuticles.

Paint not only functions barber or hairdresser, but it is also needed by your hair as a stimulant oil natural scalp to maintain healthy hair. When painting, along the scalp also produces sebum, a natural hair moisturizer whose job is to keep the hair healthy and shiny strands.

How often should I change combs?

Your comb can also “breathe”! Pay attention to the ends of each bristle brush and clumps of hair fall to the bottom of your comb. Some comb teeth may be broken or comb hair may stick because they are used too often. Similarly, the base comb.

The other hair products, dead skin cells that fall and move hair oil between the comb teeth and continue to accumulate each time you comb. This habit will make your comb into a comfortable nest for germs and bacteria to multiply to cause an unpleasant smell of your comb.

Most hairdressers generally recommend replacing a comb at least six months to once a year. Although your comb may still appear in good condition, over time will use the comb and can cause damage to the hair. A comb in poor condition can even break or pull your hair right in the follicle.

The majority of hairbrushes have soft padded ends on each of their teeth. This is called epoxy. These flexible pads help comb to move flexibly through your hair strands without much hair pulling. If you are bald comb teeth, those teeth hurt your scalp.

The life of your comb also depends on a number of other factors, such as the comb frequency, the length of your hair, your hair type, and the comb you use.

Tips on choosing a new comb

Each model combs have different functions, so choose a comb that can meet the needs of your hair.

Choose a brush bristle or nylon comb teeth. It may cost a bit more than other types of combs, combs but nylon will last longer than ordinary plastic combs or combs with synthetic brushes.