Sling Bags Vs Backpack, Which Is Better For The Health And Posture?

Backpacks and slings are two types of bags that people like the most. Besides easy to carry anywhere, you can load various objects in it. But actually better for your health, backpack or shoulder bag?

Backpack or sling, which one is better?

Over time, more and more people have to carry things when they travel, especially when the distance is far enough. Ranging from laptops, books, house keys, wallet, and a variety of other things.

The number of these items makes you put things in the bag that makes it even heavier. Without realizing it, you have been burdened shoulders and back, making it susceptible to make him sick.

The most popular bags and can hold a variety of items that backpacks and slings. However, each of these bags has its advantages and disadvantages.

The best for the health of both?

Advantages and disadvantages of backpacks

Basically, a backpack or shoulder bag has many parts that make the contents of your bag more organized. As reported by the Adolescent Health page, the backpack is a good choice if you are carrying a lot of stuff compared with the sling bag or shoulder bag.

This is because the use of a backpack will make loads do have a portion of the balance of the strongest human muscle, the back, and abdominal muscles.

There was a study in 2015 stating that the backpack is better because it can lessen the symptoms of back pain compared with other types of bags adolescent women.

Although muscle load-balanced, baggage will weigh too heavily back so that the bag can pull your body back. You will also advance the body of the pelvis and spinal curvature. As a result, the spine posture disturbed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sling bag

Actually, the confusion when choosing a backpack and slings can be customized to your needs. If you carry a lot of stuff and want to look more fashionable, a shoulder bag or sling bag is the answer.

If you are tired of putting it on one shoulder, you can hold it in your hand and move the weight.

However, carrying a sling bag with a very heavy load can affect your gait. This is because when walking, arm and leg will swing and require a good balance.

When the weight in your bag is too heavy on one shoulder or one side of the body, this can disrupt your balance and put you at risk of suffering from back pain.

Tips to avoid back pain while using the bag

Looking at the various pluses and minuses, you could say the backpack is better than sling bag because the load on the muscles balanced. Even so, you should also pay attention to the load you are carrying.

Back pain due to the use of the bag can not be avoided entirely. However, you can reduce this risk by wearing a backpack instead of a shoulder bag and sling.

In addition, the following strategies can help you lighten your luggage load.

  • Choose the size of a small bag. The larger the bag that you use, the more likely you are to put the things that are not really important. As a result, the bag becomes heavier.
  • Look for a bag with thick ropes and wide. A small bag strap will make the muscles sore shoulder. Bag group according to their needs. For example, a bag to go to work or sling bag when you go to the gym should also be differentiated for different contents in weight.
  • Always use both straps or changing the shoulder side when you use a sling bag to keep your posture.

The key point in choosing a backpack and sling is knowing what items you should carry. If you only carry a few items and not too heavy, you can choose a sling or shoulder bag. However, when you are asked to carry a heavy laptop or a book, you must choose a backpack.