10 Common Mistakes to Wash Your Face Makes You Even Have Acne

Wash your face is one of the simplest rituals in everyday life. Unfortunately, many of us are still wrong in doing so. Yes, you probably do not know, but washing your face if done carelessly can actually damage the skin or even make spotty.

Is the correct method of washing your face? Here are the 10 “big sin” is most often done when washing your face.

1. Gratuitous select products

Do not just stain your face just because of the recommendation of friends or seduced by advertising on television. Whether it’s black spots, acne stubborn, or excess oil, we all have our own complaints about the skin. Knowing your skin type and what the main problems that you face so that you know what cleaning products are right for you.

A good facial cleanser should really remove all types of dirt, makeup, and dust, but do not remove too much oil and skin cells healthy you. Choose cleaning products that are not too light (which makes you feel you should wash your face twice before it felt clean), but also not too hard (making your face irritated or dry and tight after washing your face).

2. Wash your face too often

Wash your face many times can make your face clean? Wrong. The more often you wash your face will irritate the skin and stimulates the production of excess oil (sebum). Limit face washing ritual is 2 times a day, morning and night. If you’re just moving around in the room, do not wear makeup, and do not sweat too much, just rinse your face with warm water in the evening.

Does this mean you can skip washing your face in the morning? Certainly not. When you sleep, your skin performs self-cleansing ritual, encouraging waste and residual impurities out through the sweat glands and pores. There was still trash left on your skin in the morning. So yes, you should wash your face twice a day.

3. Do not wash your face with warm water

Rinse your face with hot water to open the pores, and then rinse with cold water. Maybe you’ve heard these recommendations, or actually doing it regularly? Actually, the pores do not have the muscle to open and close. The hot water will actually make the skin dry and irritated. Leave this habit and replace hot water with warm water to clean the face.

4. Exfoliating too often

When skin you have problems, it is reasonable to “strike back” with a series of skincare so that the back face smooth and bright. One is by exfoliating or peeling.

Exfoliation does not need to be done on a regular basis of about 1 to 3 times a week. But remember, do not overdo it. careless rub or scrub exfoliant can cause dry skin, irritation, inflammation, and even infection. All of this bothers your skin’s ability to fight bacteria that cause acne.

Tips: Finger is a very effective natural exfoliator to remove dead skin. Use your finger to apply the cream exfoliator and not use a wet towel to prevent skin from being pulled and scratched. For best results, massage product gently in a circular pattern from the neck and slowly move upwards.

5. Rinse rush

Just as a quick shower that does not make you feel clean and fresh, too much washing your face is also not effective in getting rid of dirt and oil. To get skin always looks primed, take at least two minutes to wash your face. Concentrate on the massage around the nose and forehead are oily.

Tips: If you use cleansing milk, gently wipe the cleanser in a circular motion upward across the face in a dry state. Do it for at least thirty seconds so the cleaner can break down the oil and the rest of the makeup. After that, take the shine once again and repeat the massage. The second step cleanser will help dissolve the residue left in the first stage. Finally, rinse with water.

6. The products are made from harmful chemicals

Learn the composition contained in your cleaning products. Avoid harmful cosmetic ingredients, like parabens, fragrances, and dyes. Also avoid sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a high concentration of detergent used to clean machinery, floor cleaner and car shampoo. SLS is a common risk factor for allergic reactions and irritation to the skin.

7. The habit of rubbing

Whatever your skin type, it is important to be careful when applying cleanser, mask, or exfoliant. Do not rub too tightly so that the skin cleanser interested. Do not also rub the towel on your face when you dry your face. Both of these will threaten the elasticity of the skin. Let the face itself or pat dry with a clean towel face.

Tips: to distinguish faces with towels bath towels, especially with other people. The towels are the main places where bacteria breed.

8. Using a moisturizer when the skin is dry

This last step may be one of the most important stages in the facial care routine. Moisture will close your skin’s natural moisture and acts as a barrier against toxins, free radicals, and foreign particles that are harmful to the skin. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face when it still feels moist, and gently massage the face. Always massage in an upward motion to avoid the skin is pulled.

The same thing applies to serum and other facial care products. Wait until your skin is completely dry will make the active ingredients contained in the product more difficult to absorb and make the skin feel sticky and greasy.

9. Only rely on expensive products

Expensive is not always better. Instead of spending a lot of hunting money for branded products facial cleansing is not convinced to solve your skin problems, it is better to use a simple cleaning which is made from natural ingredients and invest your money in beauty products that will provide long term benefits to your face, such as vitamin serum and moisturizer.

10. Skipping facial oil

Many consider that oil is the main enemy for oily skin. Beauty and dermatologists say otherwise. This oil is very friendly for all skin types because basically, the oil will dissolve when meeting with fellow oil. The oil will break down the dirt and bacteria that cause acne on the skin. This oil also helps the skin retain moisture, thus balancing the pH level of the skin.

Combining the oil in your beauty regime is not difficult. Select the facial oil on the market that contains natural ingredients, or simply buy the oil of your choice. almond oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seeds, and olives was a recommendation from beauty bloggers.

Tips: apply a little oil on the face and massage gently, allowing it to absorb. Clean the remaining oil with a soft cloth dampened with warm water.