Not Only Disease, These 6 Changes in the Consequences of the Body’s Smoking Look

The danger of smoking has become common knowledge. For smokers, it is only wind and only information. Yes, smoking addiction has made many people, including you. Although there are many changes that occur as a result of you smoking, you know. Not only cause chronic illness, without being aware of the effects of smoking will make your body’s appearance change slowly. So? Let’s prove this through the following review!

Various effects of smoking on appearance changes

Lung disease, cancer, heart disease, impotence, and even blindness are a handful of the “end results” of smoking known. Well, are you aware if it turns out that smoke can bring a worse impact on the appearance from head to toe?

1. Hair loss and color hair changes

Who says only hair loss is caused by stress and mistakes in treating hair alone? In fact, the hobby of smoking cigarettes every day can also damage the health of your hair. This is because cigarettes contain toxic chemicals and free radicals that will weaken your hair cells and follicles.

In addition to making hair more fragile and easy to fall out, active smokers are also more likely to experience hair color changes from people who don’t smoke.

2. Wrinkles and eye bags

A study published by the American College of Chest Physicians, quoted by Science Daily, said that the majority of smokers have more difficulty sleeping better than those who do not smoke. In fact, if you smoke, then your daily sleep time is usually also less than optimal.

Gradually, this will result in the appearance of side effects that are typical of sleep deprivation in the form of eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. Do not stop there, the chemicals contained in each cigarette can damage the structure of the skin while the blood vessels around your eyes.

Never see any wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes? This is one of the effects of smoking on the skin.

3. Yellow teeth

Smoking will provide a great opportunity to get teeth and mouth problems, such as oral cancer as the most severe side effect. However, do not underestimate the initial changes in the appearance of teeth and mouth, the yellow color of teeth.

In addition, a study from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, found that when you smoke then you are six times more likely to have gum disease. If not prevented or treated as early as possible, gum problems can cause damage to dislodged teeth to teeth.

4. Dull skin

Before blaming the sun for causing dull skin, first know that smoking helps have a stake in it. Because smoke does not directly absorb important nutrients in the body such as vitamin C, which should serve to protect and also repair damaged skin.

The content of nicotine can actually inhibit the rate of blood flow, and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke that is easily mixed with oxygen on your skin. It was not long, all the effects of smoking will have an impact on dry and dull skin.

5. Look older than their actual age

After being diligent and diligent in caring for your skin, fine lines or wrinkles on the face will still appear when you are smoking a “hobby”. Yes, health experts also believe that smoking can accelerate aging so that smokers are generally seen around 1.5-2 years older than their original age.

This is because the content of substances in cigarettes, including nicotine, will produce premature wrinkles on the face. Starting from the forehead, eyes, lips, spread to the neck and chest.

6. Yellow nails

Not only does it make yellowish teeth, the other effect of smoking on physical changes in the body is that the color of the nail is no longer pink but yellow. Again, this is due to the influence of harmful chemicals that are obtained every time you inhale a cigarette.