Gray hair problem appear at a young age?

Why Is Young Still Growing grey hair?
Everyone will have gray hairs, which generally appear when they are in their mid-30s or 40s. However, it is not uncommon to see people in their early 20s already starting to grow gray hair. How can gray hair appear at a young age?

Hair color making cells stop producing pigments

Jeffrey Benabio, M.D., a dermatologist from Kaiser Pemente in San Diego, United States, said that a person starts graying when hair color-making cells (melanocytes) stop producing pigments. The use of hair care products that contain hydrogen peroxide can also accelerate hair to turn white.

As Jeffrey pointed out to WebMD about how old a graying person is generally. Described people with white genetics began to turn gray in their mid-30s, for Asians in their late 30s, and Africans in their mid-40s. Then, some people have a significant amount of gray hair when entering the age of 50 years.

The member of the Health Information Process Transformation (HIPT) added, white people will have gray hair that appears early, aka too fast, usually when they are 20 years old. While the condition of premature gray hair for Africans will appear before the age of 30 years.

Small children can also grow gray hair

As Jeffrey explained earlier, Dr. Desmond Tobin, professor of cell biology from the University of Bradford in the UK added that genetic factors also cause someone to grow gray earlier.

The loss of hair pigment can make a person gray, this is mainly due to genetic factors and also age. In some people, gray hair appears very quickly, perhaps before entering adolescence. While others will only appear when old. The appearance of gray hair can be very fast in some people, but others appear gradually.

Based on the report, there is a case of an 8-year-old boy known to have gray hair. The appearance of gray hair is fast in the child, as explained by Dr. Tobin, tends to be caused by genetic factors.

Does the appearance of gray hair at a young age mean there are health problems?

Growing gray, either normal or too early, does not mean you have a health problem, except in a few rare cases. Jeffrey explained that experts and researchers do not yet know exactly why some people can have gray hair faster. But he said the same thing as Dr. Tobin, who believes genetic factors have a big role in the appearance of gray hair.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with the pituitary or thyroid gland can cause growing gray at a young age. However, Jeffrey said the emergence of gray hair that was too fast could be prevented if these health problems were overcome.

In the case of the appearance of gray hair early in children, Dr. Greene, the pediatrician who made the website, said there are several conditions that make children gray, including neurofibromatosis or known as Recklinghausen’s disease. This disease is a genetic disorder in the nervous system that results in the development of benign tumors in the nerves.

In addition, Princeton University and University of California alumni said, rare diseases such as Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome can attack children followed by viral diseases. As a child’s body battles with viruses, the antibodies made will destroy melanocytes, which make pigments for hair.

Smoking also speeds up a person’s gray hair matter

A clinical study, published in 1996 in the British Medical Journal, found an association between the emergence of gray hair before a person is 30 years old and smoking.

The Global Post cites study researchers examining more than 600 men and women, and about 300 of them are smokers. The researchers found an association between smoking and the onset of prematurely gray hair, caused by toxins in cigarettes that damage hormones and hair follicles. And the results of the study showed that smokers were four times faster gray than non-smokers.

In another study a number of researchers from Jordan University Hospital in 2013 and published in the online Indian Journal of Dermatology, found that smoking can be dangerous for the production of melanin (hair follicle cells), causing premature gray hair a person’s appearance before the age of 30 years.