Shampoo to lengthen hair, is it effective?

For some people, having long hair is a dream. But sometimes, no doubt, after trying various ways, hope has faded halfway because it finally waits for hair growth. Many also believe that daily shampoo is a powerful way to get long hair fast.

Rather grow about 15 cm per year or at least 0.44 mm per day. However, each person has a different level of hair growth.

So far it has not been proven if hair with shampoo can make frequent long-lasting fast. Indeed, some studies mention that shampoo too often actually causes the scalp so that hair does not grow perfectly brittle. This can also affect your hair growth rate. Brittle hair can affect the overall health of the hair.

Many out there claim that their products can cause long hair fast, but actually, this product only helps stimulate growth and there is no guarantee that it will have long hair in a very fast time.

In short, there is nothing I can do to make your hair grow faster. Hair growth depends on genes, cell growth, and body hormones, respectively. Examples of this type: compared to women, men’s hair takes longer to grow a lot. Of course, this is due to differences in the body and hormones function respectively.

What can you do to have long hair?

You can do several things to encourage and help grow long hair. But it’s not a habit of shampooing every day, this is what you can do:

Eat foods that are good for the scalp and hair. All healthy food is definitely good for your body, including your hair. If you want good, strong hair, you can count on foods that contain protein, zinc, and iron, such as meat, eggs, chicken, fish, and seafood.

Take good care and provide more nutrition to the hair. This does not mean you have to wash it every day itself. Nourishing your hair can be done by using air masks or hair regularly.

Limiting the use of cosmetics can damage the hair. If you use daily use hair dryer or hairdryer every day, then the quality of your hair will be affected. Hair becomes brittle and easily falls, so apply a healthy lifestyle. Even though a healthy lifestyle is very common for your health, it certainly affects the health of your hair.