Is It True That Combing Often Makes Damaged Hair

Hair is a valuable ‘asset’ for every woman. Not surprisingly, many women deliberately spend hours in beauty salons just to treat their hair. The amount of information about wigs, sometimes makes you do things you don’t have to do, one comb too often.

What are the consequences if you brush your hair too often?

If you are among those who believe that combing your hair as often as possible can make your hair long, you should immediately stop this habit. doesn’t mean combing is not good for your hair. Comb the many benefits you can get, however, not to comb too often.

Combing too often can make your hair damaged quickly. According to Mika Fowler’s hairdresser, combing hair can usually make natural oil or sebum in the hair produced by oil glands (sebaceous glands) can be distributed evenly throughout the hair. So every time you finish combing your hair so neat and shiny
Combing your hair too often can cause friction in the hair which can cause damage to the cuticles and make your hair look curly. In addition, if you experience thinning or loss of hair, combing hair too often can add more pressure to the hair follicles that are already fragile.
It is recommended to only comb the hair as needed. Comb your hair gently with a wide ‘toothed’ comb or comb with soft bristles to unravel your hair without tugging and hurting any strands of hair. Instead, you grow long and shiny hair, your hair will be completely damaged

So, how to comb properly?

1. Don’t be rude

Nobody likes to be treated harshly, including your hair. However, most women comb their hair roughly, especially when hair is matted and messy. Comb your hair gently so as not to damage it. Including when drying the hair, do not dry it roughly. Use a towel to absorb water well.

2. Comb through sparingly

Some women find it difficult to get away from the comb. It’s good to reduce the habit. Combing your hair too often will make your hair damaged by constantly pulling the hair from the roots. Comb your hair sparingly.

3. Don’t comb your hair when it’s wet

Many women who comb their hair straight after shampooing. In fact, fragile wet hair. Combing wet hair can trigger hair loss. dry hair before combing.

4. Start combing from 5 cm after the hair roots

Unconsciously, most women comb their hair straight from the root. In fact, this is the wrong way to comb. Combing this method can pull hair from its roots and cause loss. Therefore, you are advised to comb your hair starting from 5 cm after the hair root.

5. Choose the right comb, avoid plastic combs

In addition to roads, the type of comb you use will greatly affect your hair’s health. Avoid using a comb with 100% plastic, because static electricity created from plastic combs can cause hair shaft pain. Indeed, this condition is not visible, but the hair will diminish its smoothness.

6. Make sure that your comb is clean

In addition to choosing the right comb, make sure you use a clean comb. Clean your comb at least once a week. Dirty combs can make a dirty scalp and clogged pores. As a result, the scalp will feel itchy and even dandruff. Don’t want this to happen to you, right?

Once you know how to comb your hair properly, you will be able to give more care to your crown.