Tips for Maintaining the DASH Diet When Eating at Restaurants

When eating in a restaurant, it must be difficult to resist the desire to devour your favorite menus with delicious flavors. But for those of you who have hypertension and are on the DASH diet, you should not go around while eating in restaurants.

There are a number of dining tips at restaurants that can keep you consistent on the DASH diet without losing the pleasure of eating delicious.

The DASH diet could be a special diet to cut back tension

The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension which can literally be interpreted as a dietary rule for stopping hypertension.

This diet has been proven by many scientific studies to help achieve normal blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and increase and maintain a healthy weight to control the risk of hypertension complications.

The DASH diet is a diet to reduce the intake of sodium, fat, and cholesterol to replace it by increasing protein and fiber intake. Do not forget to also ensure that your vitamin and mineral needs are still met. The DASH diet helps you choose healthy foods and take other actions to help control blood pressure and improve overall health.

Then, how to consistently do the DASH diet when eating at restaurants?

1. Share your food

If you eat at a restaurant or other food stall, try reducing food size by sharing food. You can share food with your partner, friends, or even your family while eating out. This will indirectly help you control overeating habits, which of course contradicts the principles of the DASH diet.

2. Don’t over-portion

Choose the portion of food that suits your ability. Sometimes, just half a meal is enough for your body’s calorie needs. When food comes, determine the right portion for you before you start eating, separate the excess, and immediately ask to be wrapped or distributed to others so you are not tempted to spend it all at once.

3. Ask to be cooked without salt

The main principle of the DASH diet is to reduce salt. So it’s important that you ask restaurant chefs to reduce or even add salt and MSG to your food.

Don’t forget, pay attention to the food menu that you will eat. Avoid foods that are acidic, smoky (smoked meat, for example), or foods that contain soy sauce and broth. Other tips, choose appetizers or appetizers such as fruits that can prevent the body from excess salt intake.

4. Reduce and avoid fatty foods

The DASH diet is a diet whose principle also avoids the intake of saturated fat and excess cholesterol. To reduce unhealthy fat when eating out, you can do these tips:

  • Ask for food to be cooked with a little oil, or if possible ask to replace vegetable oil with olive oil.
  • If your main food is meat, remove visible fat. Eat only the fibrous part of the meat.
  • Choose food menus that are cooked by steaming, baking, or even boiling. Avoid burning and frying.