Choosing The Wrong Type Of Toner Can Make Skin Dry

Toner is a facial care product that contains active ingredients to remove dirt, oil, and residual make-up. In addition, this liquid serves to moisturize the face so it does not dry out after washing your face. However, in some people, after using toner, the skin gets drier.

Why does facial skin feel dry after using a toner?

Toner actually has many benefits for your skin, from shrinking pores, balancing facial pH, to detoxifying, aka eliminating toxins that are absorbed. Well, unfortunately in certain cases, the effect after using the toner actually makes the face feel dry. Well, why is this happening?

The alcohol content of toner

Sejal Shah, a skin and beauty expert from the United States, said that toners containing alcohol can actually peel the pores of natural oils. Therefore, always read and check the toner content to be purchased. Make sure, whether it contains alcohol or not.

In addition, if you have acne that is caused by stress or dry skin, alcohol toner is not the solution. It is precisely the pimples that will dry out the skin after using toner.

Not according to skin type

It turns out, in addition to the wrong facial washing products, using a type of toner that is not appropriate to your skin type can make skin dry after use. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose a toner according to your face type. Recognize and understand your skin type first, whether sensitive or even oily.

Tips on choosing a toner so that the skin doesn’t dry out:

After knowing your skin type, try choosing a toner that suits your skin condition. Well, here are some quick tips for choosing toner for your facial condition.

1. Toner for sensitive or dry skin

If you have dry and sensitive skin, try using an alcohol-free toner. Toners that contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid can help moisturize your skin.

2. Toners for oily or vulnerable skin

Not much different from sensitive skin, the use of alcohol-free toner also applies to acne-prone skin. Besides being alcohol-free, toner with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) content can make your skin brighter and cleaner.

If you feel ticklish when using it, this shows that the toner has the right amount of pH. In addition, the use of toner containing salicylic acid is also good for this type of skin.

3. Toners for normal skin

For those of you who have normal skin, no need to worry. Just see if the toner that you are using has the elements below:

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Glycerin and Vitamin C
  • The next step is to use toner according to the recommended method. Of course, you can’t just use toner without reading or knowing how to use it.

So, now that you know why one of the causes of dry skin is the alcohol content of toner, consider changing the type of toner you are using now. So you can get the optimal benefits of toner.