Sheet Mask Containing Steroids; Beneficial Or Dangerous

Steroids are a type of medicine to relieve inflammation in the body. Its use is highly guarded, supervised and must be prescribed by a doctor. But lately, it had circulated a sheet mask that turned out to contain steroids. What is the purpose, and are there any side effects of sheet mask steroids on the face?

The effect of sheet mask steroids on the face

Steroids or also called corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat various diseases. Anti-inflammatory drugs are available in various forms ranging from tablets, syrups, injections, inhalers, creams, lotions, and gels.

Although beneficial for treatment, steroids can also cause side effects. Usually, these side effects appear after long-term use. However, do not rule out the effects of steroids can appear several days after use, including on the face.

In 2016, a sheet mask containing steroids was circulated in China. Reporting from Shanghai Daily, found about 33 sheets of steroid masks containing glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are one type of steroid whose use has been restricted by Chinese health authorities.

This drug is widely used by doctors to reduce inflammation of the skin, to whiten the skin, and rejuvenate the skin. However, its use can also cause side effects such as allergies and other skin problems especially if used for a long time.

A senior doctor Baoxi Wang, who is a doctor at Plastic Surgery Hospital with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said stated that the effects of steroids on the face should not be underestimated. Side effects of glucocorticoids in sheet mask steroids can occur after routine use for 14 consecutive days.

According to Wang, the negative effects of steroids in the sheet mask will not immediately appear on the face. The skin will feel very supple and smooth after wearing it. The bad news is that the side effects of sheet mask steroids usually only appear after a complete stop. After two weeks of stopping using sheet masks containing the steroid, skin rashes can start to appear.

Side effects of steroids for the skin

Although there is no specific research on the effects of steroids in sheet mask on the face. But you need to be vigilant because if the sheet mask steroids are used too often then, in the long run, your skin is at risk of problems.

The following are various side effects of steroids that usually appear if used excessively:


Tachyphylaxis is a decreased skin response to steroids on the skin due to repeated use. As a result, someone will continue to increase the dose so that the effect can work. If the dose is not increased, then the user will not get the desired results even worse, redness until the fluid-filled lesions can appear on the face.

Skin Atrophy

Skin atrophy is one of the steroid effects that can occur if you use it on the face for a long time. This condition makes the epidermal layer of the skin thin and experience changes in connective tissue in it. When this happens the skin will quickly relax and wrinkle.

The face will experience thinning so that veins appear clearly visible and stand out until the skin color is uneven


Glaucoma is a disease that makes the pressure inside the eye increase to damage the optic nerve. There are several studies which state that a person experiences glaucoma after using skin treatments that contain steroids around the eyes in the long run. This means that this risk can also arise when you routinely use sheet masks that contain steroids.

Before buying a sheet mask, first, make sure the product you buy does not contain ingredients that are not safe for the skin and do not contain steroids.