Tricks To Make Nail Polish Dry Quickly Without Taking Much Time

Using nail polish can indeed make your nails look more beautiful. Nowadays, many nail polish products can be used easily at home. However, when there is an important event and do not have much time to wait for the nail polish to dry. Sometimes, this makes you unable to continue other work. Actually, there are ways to dry nail polish quickly without wasting much of your time.

Tips for quick-dry nail polish

Use a hairdryer

These tips are widely used in salons. A hairdryer can be used as a tool to dry nail polish quickly. You can also do the same thing if you use nail polish at home to dry quickly.

However, keep in mind, set the hairdryer so that the air emits cold, not hot. If the temperature used is rather warm, as it is used to dry the hair, the result will be difficult to polish nail polish.

How to dry nail polish with a hairdryer first, first apply nail polish to one hand. Then, dry it using a hairdryer. Then, continue to paint the nails on the fingers of the other hand and then dry with a hairdryer.

Using a top coat that dries quickly

Topcoat is a cover or protector of nail polish so that nail polish can last longer. Try to choose the type of topcoat products that dry quickly.

Usually, there are labels on the type of fast-drying topcoat. Besides helping to speed up the drying process of nail polish, top coat nail polish also gives the appearance of sparkle to your nails and prevents defects in your nail polish.

Dip into cold water

Although these tips are actually a lot of doubt, of course, it never hurts to try, right?

Before painting your nails, take a small bowl and fill it with cold water. If it’s not cold, you can add 1-2 ice cubes.

After successfully painting the nails, wait for 2 minutes or when the nail polish has begun to dry then insert the fingers into the bowl for 5 minutes. Coldwater will help to compress your nail polish.

Baby oil

In addition to babies, baby oil is also used as a way to dry nail polish quickly. Not only baby oil, but you can also try olive oil to help this process.

Pour baby oil in a drop or container for easy measurement. After finishing painting your nails, drop 2 drops of baby oil on each nails Wait for 1-2 minutes.

If you already look like beads on your nails, clean the oil immediately with paper towels. This method is very effective, especially on nail polish that is not too dense.

Thinly polish the nail polish

Another alternative for quick-drying nail polish is not to paint it too thick. Try to apply nail polish to your nails thinly. After dry, then proceed again by painting a new layer on top.

In addition to drying out quickly, this method also makes your nail polish look much flatter than if you painted it two or three layers at a time.

Using drying drops

Unlike the topcoat function, drying drop serves to speed up the drying process on nail polish. With oil-based ingredients, this liquid blend with the nail cuticle. But keep in mind that drying drops only dry the nail polish at the top.

Therefore, it usually takes around 2-3 minutes to really ensure that your nail polish is completely dry.

In essence, drying nail polish quickly also requires patience because it does not have very instant results. Therefore, for better results, try to wait for several minutes for your nail polish to dry completely.