4 Ways To Tame Frizzy, And Damage Hair

Damaged hair, frizzy, and messy like a lion’s hair is really annoying. Want to be formed with any model or style is generally not always successful. Blown by the wind a little, even make a tangle.

What causes frizzy hair

Generally dry, stiff, and messy hair is difficult to manage because of the effects of damage. Damaged hair is often caused by a hairdryer, hair straightening process, wrong choice of shampoo, how to comb hair, and wrong hair care.

Hair that is often dyed or dried with a hairdryer can make hair cuticles become damaged and dry. Because exposure to high heat constantly will eliminate the moisture in the layers of hair. As a result, hair becomes dry, matted, and rough.

People who genetically have curly hair types also tend to have frizzy hair types.

How to tame with dry and frizzy hair

1. Cut hair with the right model

According to Stephen Thevenot, a New York-based Hairstylist, how to tame with frizzy hair is to choose the right hairstyle.

Hair can not be tough to manage when being cut with the proper model.

First, ask your stylist to cut the ends or parts of damaged and branched hair. After that, ask for a haircut model with a blunt tip. For example, the style of the bob or cut flat. Avoid shaggy haircuts, layers, or taper underneath.

A shaggy or layered model can change the texture of the hair. Your hair will be more exposed to the sun and hot temperatures. As a result, the hair becomes damaged and thin, making it prone to curly hair.

2. Washing hair with cold water

Get used to bathing and shampooing always use cold water. Coldwater closes the hair cuticles which can increase luster and keep the moisture on the scalp intact.

Warm baths do make the body more relaxed. But unfortunately, bathing or shampooing with warm water can remove moisture from the hair. This can make strands of hair more dry and damaged.

3. Choose a conditioner and a special shampoo for dry hair

If your hair is dry and unmanageable, Thevenot recommends choosing a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. In addition, balance by choosing shampoo products that contain ingredients that can moisturize the scalp such as shea butter, coconut oil, avocado, and macadamia oil.

After shampoo, use conditioner, so that hair moisture can be maintained. In addition to the conditioner that is rinsed after use, you can also choose the type of leave-on conditioner that does not need to be rinsed while on the move in hot weather to keep hair smooth. Most importantly choose a conditioner product that is also sulfate-free.

4. Wise when drying hair

Drying your hair with a hairdryer is indeed more efficient and saves time. However, this method is not suitable for dry and frizzy types of hair, make it a habit to dry your hair naturally by gently drying it with a towel or using a fan. This can overcome the hair so that it is not drier and difficult to manage.

Also, pay attention to the towel you use to dry your hair. Generally, the towels available in stores are made of rough materials because they are intended to absorb water from the skin. If the towel is rubbed into the hair, then the hair layer can be rougher because the fibers will remove the cuticles on the hair shaft.

It is recommended to use a soft cotton towel to prevent and overcome the problem of dry, coarse, and frizzy hair. Or if when you dry your hair using a towel, gently rub it.