Dangers Of Squeezing Pimples In The Face Triangle Area

When pimples appear, they feel prone to squeeze and break them immediately. Before doing further you should think about it first. According to many doctors and dermatologists, squeezing pimples especially in the area of the facial triangle can cause death. Is it true! How did it happen?

Get to know the area of the deadly triangle on the face (triangle of death)

As stated by Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, a certified infectious disease specialist from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Pennsylvania, United States, that the human face has a special area called the triangle of death.

The death triangle is the area of the face that starts from the base of the nose (middle of the eyebrows) to both corners of the mouth.

For more details, try the mirror and triangle shapes of both your thumb and forefinger. Then, place the tip of the upper corner of the triangle in the middle area of the eyebrows (base of the nose) and the base of the triangle under the lips. The area in this triangle is called the triangle of death.

Why is it dangerous to squeeze pimples on the triangular area of the face

According to Dr. Adalja, the triangular area of the face is connected directly to the blood vessels in the skull. When there is an infection in the area, its spread can take place quickly and the effect is more serious.

If the zits in the triangle area break and an infection occurs, then the entrance for bacteria to infect the body is very wide open. Bacteria that enter can easily spread and infect blood vessels in the brain area.

Moreover, the distance that must be traversed to get to the brain is quite short and so it does not take long. This can cause dangerous complications that can be life-threatening.

Next, just under the nose and mouth are the four main cranial nerves that control functions in and around the face. When one of these nerves is disrupted due to a severe infection, then you can experience paralysis in some parts of the face. In fact, motor function can also be disrupted and you could risk losing your eyesight.

Therefore squeeze pimples in the area of the triangle face potentially dangerous and the risk is very large. Maybe if there is luck here, after squeezing your pimples do not have a serious infection, but this habit can cause pockmarked skin and definitely interfere with your appearance. In addition, the habit of squeezing pimples will result in uneven skin color due to residual small infections that make acne scars become darker than the surrounding area.

Tips for treating facial acne-prone skin

After knowing the dangers of squeezing a pimple on the triangular area of the face, don’t try to do it anymore, except by the experts.

The most important thing to do is not to hold your face with your hands, especially in a dirty state. If the pimple turns out on its own, clean it immediately with clean tissue or cotton. Then, compress using hydrogen peroxide.

You can also apply petroleum jelly to the area of broken acne to prevent scars. Do not forget to always keep your face clean and acne-prone areas every day with mild soap and warm water.

It is best to ask for an expert or doctor’s help if the zits in the area do not go away. Immediately call your doctor also if various signs of infection appear, such as red swelling, pain, and pus that continues to come out.