Things You Should Know Before Trying To Use A Peel-off Mask While Having Acne

Having a face with acne is not a barrier to mask. Many believe that by treating the face using a mask, acne can dry out faster and flat. Peel off mask is one of the most sought after masks, as a facial treatment for removing blackheads. But wait, you can not carelessly wear a peel off the mask when it is spotty. Besides having to pay attention to the type of skin, as well as the type of acne.

A peel-off mask is a type of mask that needs to be removed after use because it sticks to the skin and has a texture like glue. Unlike a topical mask that must be washed with water, peel-off masks can be immediately peeled off after use.

When the mask is peeled off, the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) will also be lifted. From this process, a layer of dead skin will be removed so that younger skin can replace it. This is the advantage of peel-off masks compared to other types of similar masks such as sheet masks.

This method is certainly no problem if done on skin that is in good condition. However, on and inflamed skin, this is not recommended at all.

Is it safe to use a peel-off mask when having acne?

When acne is inflamed, you must be careful and avoid things that can worsen inflammation. One that needs to be avoided when the skin is inflamed by acne is a peel-off mask because it can aggravate inflammation.

Instead of cleaning the skin, it can actually become sores and infections. This can actually trigger the appearance of acne scars or pockmarks. Therefore, when inflammation pimples replace the peel-off mask with a special acne medicine that suits the condition of the pimple.

The best time to use a peel-off mask

Peel off masks should be used for blackhead type pimples. When you have lots of blackheads on your face, a peel-off mask can be the right choice because it can help remove blackheads that are difficult to clean with facial soap. In addition, dead skin cells can be lifted so that it can prevent blockages in the pores that will form new blackheads.

First resist the urge to use this type of mask when the skin is experiencing inflammation either due to acne, inflammation due to incorrect choice of cosmetics, and other reasons. We recommend that you overcome the inflammation first.

The type of mask that is suitable for use when acne

So, what masks are suitable when wearing acne? If the problem is blackheads, use masks that contain AHA and BHA. Both of these active ingredients are very good for reducing blackheads that cause acne.

Besides AHA and BHA, you can also use masks that contain tea trees. Tea tree has potential as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory mild.

Likewise with activated charcoal or activated charcoal can also be a good choice of masks when you’re having acne. The reason, this material is able to absorb dirt in the pores of the skin so the skin becomes cleaner.

From now on, avoid using a peel-off mask when it is spotty. If you want to use a mask, wear the shape of a topical or sheet mask.