Should We Use Sunscreen If Stay Indoors All Day?

Sunscreen is a skincare product that you must use when staying outdoors. This is done to prevent the risk of damage caused by sunlight or ultraviolet (UV). Then, what if it turns out we will only be indoors all day? Is sunscreen still needed?

Using a sunscreen, sometimes we choose to use sunscreen. Similarly, compilation all-day Stay at home or at work.

Feeling lazy and not bothering to wear skin protective products. In fact, despite being indoors, sunscreen is a skincare product that must be worn.

Why, however, not directly exposed, UV rays can still enter the room from the sidelines of glass, doors, and windows even when the weather is cloudy that’s not all. UV rays, both UVA and UVB, can have bad effects on the skin.

So, do not ever assume in the house, office, or in a closed room then we will be ‘free’ from the dangers of UVA. You should consider the bad ones from UVA rays like to improve wrinkles, black spots due to hyperpigmentation, and so forth.

The danger of UVB rays can cause sunburn. So, it never hurts to still avoid the bad of the two UV rays that are meant by using sunscreen even though it is in the house or room.

A study published by ACP Journal Wise shows a positive effect if you routinely use sunscreen.

The use of sunscreen every day, both at home and outside the home, can help prevent skin aging.

How to use the right sunscreen at indoors activities?

Outside the House, sunblock must be used around 15-30 minutes before. But if you will only be at home, office, or indoors all day, you can use sunscreen at any time.

For SPF or the sun protection factor contained in the sunscreen itself, it can be adjusted according to needs. The higher the SPF rate on sunscreen, the longer it will extend to skin repair from sun exposure.

If you are outdoors, you usually need a sunscreen with a high SPF content to work optimally. But if it will only be at home or a closed room all day, you can use a sunscreen with a low SPF reserve. Use sunscreen according to the needs of the skin for the face and body skin

The power of sunscreen in protecting the skin from the sun is not always optimal. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours. The same thing must be done if hanging at home or in a closed room, still approved to be moved using sunscreen again. Remember, protecting your skin from UV exposure is one of the main ways to prevent premature aging and skin cancer.

It’s not too late to start a routine using sunscreen. The cause is free from future problems.