An Effective Way To Reduce Facial Pores

Everybody want facial skin clean, smooth, and free of large pores. In addition to acne, large pores are a skin problem that many complain about. Then, how to shrink facial pores?

A Glance about facial pores

Facial pores are channels for the production of oil glands to the surface of the skin. One function is to maintain the condition of the body to changes in the environment so that your body temperature remains in a balanced condition.

On the face, the pores play a role in producing sebum which is produced by the oil glands while helping to absorb the skincare used on the face. This is the reason why if you have clean, clogged pores, your skin will find it easier to absorb active ingredients in skincare. And the use of skincare on facial skin will be more effective.

Factors that affect the state of facial pores

The condition of a person’s pores is determined by several factors

Genetic factors

In fact, genetics also affect the appearance of pores on the face. If you have genetic makeup with large facial pores, then you can have it too. This one factor is difficult to change. Except certain treatments might help.

Sebum secretion factor

The size of each person’s facial pores is also determined by how much oil is produced by the sebum glands. Therefore, people with oily skin types tend to have larger pores than people who have dry skin types.

Skin elasticity

The older a person is the less elasticity. This affects the state of the pores. Reduced elasticity makes the pores widen.

The good news, some beauty clinics can provide a little help for this problem.

Is there a way to shrink facial pores that are effective?

Pores are not a type of muscle that can be enlarged or reduced. Various home and medical treatments can temporarily help, but if not done routinely it will return to its original form.

One of the keys to successfully improving the appearance of facial pores is with daily facial treatments. Make sure you do a series of daily facial treatments in the right way. Also, make sure that the care you take is in accordance with your skin type.

If you have oily skin types, choose products that work to reduce oil production and control oil. Usually, oily skin specialty products are labeled “non-comedogenic” and free of oil. You should also regularly use a moisturizer. This is done so that the skin is always maintained its elasticity and hydration.

What you should not forget is to do regular exfoliation. Exfoliation is a way of lifting or eroding dead skin cells that are in the outer layer of the skin.

Exfoliating regularly will clean the skin of various impurities that can clog pores such as dust and dead skin cells. Oil from the face if clogged by dirt and dust will become blackheads, even irritation and breakouts. With exfoliation, the appearance of pores will “appear” smaller. All people with all skin types also need to exfoliate. However, you must pay attention to the type of exfoliation that suits your skin.

Some ways to shrink facial pores that can be done at a dermatologist include chemical peels micro-needling, fractional laser, laser rejuvenation. If done by a professional medical staff, of course, these treatments can help disguise the pores of your face.