How To Prep Dry Skin For Makeup; 5 Easy Trick For Dry Facial Skin

For people who have dry skin types, sometimes the wrong way to do makeup can make the results of makeup does not last long. In addition, problems that often arise when doing makeup is cracking. Makeup will look like cracks due to dry, rough, peeling skin. Here are tips on using the correct makeup for dry skin so it lasts all day!

Tips for using makeup for dry facial skin

Start with a moisturizer

Moisturizer is one of the skincare that must be used before doing makeup. Dry facial skin does not produce enough natural oil to soften the skin. So, moisturizer is needed to help moisturize the skin.

According to Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in Washington, D.C, that it is very important for dry skin owners to always use a moisturizer before starting to apply makeup. Sometimes liquid foundation cannot replace the function of facial moisturizers to hydrate the skin.

Choose a moisturizer for dry skin with a slightly thick creamy texture. In addition to moisturizers, you can also use a serum containing hyaluronic acid to increase skin moisture and keep the skin from peeling. Moisturized skin will make the makeup last longer and last longer on the face.

Choose textured makeup like cream or liquid

For people whose skin is dry it is strongly recommended to choose the makeup type like liquid or cream. Whether it’s a foundation, blush, bronzer, even eyeshadow.

You can use BB cream as a foundation change. BB cream not only helps even skin tone but also contains moisturizers that are good for dry skin, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B.

Use foam to daub the foundation

Most women use fingers to apply foundation on their faces. Unfortunately, this makeup method is not appropriate for people with dry skin types. Daub foundation with fingers actually vulnerable to cracking.

To avoid this, use foam to blend and apply all kinds of liquid makeup. Wet the sponge with water to expand, then squeeze the excess water.

Use foam with a bouncing motion, do not rub or press it, so that makeup products can be well absorbed on dry skin.

Powder is not required for dry skin

As suggested by a makeup artist from Boston, Dana Chasen Thomases, was quoted by WebMD, that people with dry facial skin type are not required to use powder after finishing makeup. Use of powder on dry skin can risk cracking so that makeup will not last long.

Do reguler facial exfoliation treatments

Sometimes dry skin will start to peel off a few hours after wearing makeup. This is caused by the accumulation of dead skin. To overcome this, you can exfoliate the face using a soft scrub.

According to Dr. Tanzi, people with dry skin type must exfoliate to remove dead skin layers. After exfoliating, you are also advised to moisturize the skin with a moisturizer that has a liquid texture.